This weekend while watching Netflix, I thought about how challenging it is to look at the future of a business, especially in an environment that demands to satisfy the needs of customers and the market that are constantly changing.

At Netflix, this premise of looking at tomorrow as an ally to technology is something Ted Sarandos, the firm’s content manager, has done very well. He knew that the future was in bringing entertainment to the comfort of home through the internet.

Undoubtedly, the digital age has permeated many aspects of everyday life, has transformed them vertiginously and forever. The field of real estate is not the exception. Today you can manage a property digitally or use drones to take aerial photographs and videos of a property. It’s not just about seeing, now you can feel it too.

Nowadays software can optimize everything from construction to commercialization. Before a client had to go personally to see a property, now he can travel it virtually, something that allows him to have experiences as well as data.

Let’s think then how the role of the advisor has changed? The transformation is radical. It has ceased to be someone who only shows houses to assume a more complete role offering legal and tax advice. But there is also the other side of the coin: the use of digital platforms to advertise, sell or rent a house, which can lead to Internet users to perform these operations without the intermediation of an expert. Hence the challenge for the guild to bet on training and offer a differentiated service.

An example of how technology can favor the real estate business is what we do in Vivanuncios with the Protool tool, a real estate network with the largest inventory of properties and a great networking opportunity in Mexico. What we seek is to multiply the sales of our customers.

Digital evolution has altered the construction of residences and smart cities alike. Also, the proptech trend is transforming the sector through technology. The contribution of value to the real estate market occurs in such different activities, such as investment, management, marketing, financing and data analysis.

All this dynamic requires an important effort to defend the interests of the clients and, at the same time, measure the efforts made in cyberspace for that purpose.

In an era of change, adaptation and innovation are required. It is enough that someone has done it successfully to show that you can, to prove that ‘shrimp that fall asleep, it is carried away by the current’.

Written by Karim

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