About me

Karim Goudiaby, CEO of Vivanuncios

In 2002, Karim Goudiaby was an enthusiastic fellow who joined the Easyroommate team, an online platform of shared departments that revolutionized the business of classified ads when they were still published on paper. In two years, this initiative became Vivastreet and had an impact in 19 countries in Europe and Latin America.

By 2012, with Goudiaby enriching the project through the focus on optimization, the presence and investment of the company grew considerably in the Latin American region, especially in Argentina, Brazil, Colombia and Mexico.

A year later, Goudiaby moved to Mexico to open offices, recruit his team and begin operations. In 2014, the work done at Vivastreet caught the attention of eBay – a prominent player in classifieds – which acquired the company and later transformed it into Vivanuncios.

Karim Goudiaby is a leader who considers the user’s experience in decision-making vital and is fully involved in the operation of the company, from the content that is uploaded to social networks, to online advertising.

What is Vivanuncios today? Hand in hand with its CEO, is a team of 60 employees, a company in constant growth.